Wednesday, February 21, 2007

NIC Presidential Search

Today the North Idaho College Presidential Search Committee held the first meeting, and the caliber of people in the room helping to give advice and counsel to the NIC Board of Trustees was very high. For one more week, the committee is seeking input on what criteria the community seeks in a new president.

There are 11 members of the NIC community (including professors, staff, and a very impressive student and 11 members of the community at large (including business people, government representatives, retired residents, just to name a few).

Here's a website with information and timelines on the search.

If anyone has information, thoughts, or ideas on the topic, feel free to send your input to any committee member or email:

Salvation Army Kroc Corps Community Center

This page has a video flythrough of the Salvation Army Kroc Corps Community Center. Pretty amazing.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Idaho's Working Poor Special on IPTV

From Idaho Public TV Website:
Airing February 15 & 18

Idaho's Working Poor

According to a new study, only half of Idaho's existing jobs pay a living wage for parents with two children, even when both parents are working full time. The Northwest Federation of Community Organizations issued its report at the same time Idaho's legislators rejected or held off considering several measures aimed at helping the working poor.

This week on Dialogue, host Joan Cartan-Hansen and her guests, State Senator Elliot Werk, D-Boise and State Representative Janice McGeachin, R-Idaho Falls, will debate what legislators can do to improve economic and social conditions for thousands of Idahoans. The two legislators are expected to discuss proposals like an increase in the minimum wage, reducing the sales tax on food, and starting community colleges to increase educational opportunities. Why have legislators rejected theses ideas? What other proposals are on the table?

Viewers are encouraged to e-mail questions before February 15th or call in with their questions during the show. If you wish to pose a question during the program you can call IPTV during the program (the phone number will appear on the screen) or use this email link before or during the program.

* Links: Job gap study (Northwest Federation of Community Organizations)

State Senator Elliot Werk, D-Boise
State Representative Janice McGeachin, R-Idaho Falls

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Thank you guys.

Tonight my family sat, laid, and lounged in the living room and watched a movie together. The kids brought their sleeping bags and we popped popcorn. It was Norman Rockwell, sappy, even, but totally normal and comfortable.

But it was also a tremendous reminder to me that in the midst of whatever else is going on, despite whatever stress or strain or anxiety is afoot, there are 7 people in the world that don't want anything other than love, attention, and a hug.

I'm not a world-class parent. I get frustrated at the kids way too often, and I am pretty limited in my patience levels. But these little people, and their amazing Mom, forgive and forget, always moving on to the next moment, constantly optimistic and loving.

I can't repay them for their love, and I can't promise superior parenting. But I can say thank you guys, because you give me more than I can ever give back.

So thank you. I love you.