Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Celebrating Uncle Annie

Today was a wonderful day in Los Angeles, as Kathleen and I trekked down to Cali to be there for a very special event.

Hundreds of people were on hand, along with many family members, to welcome Hollywood's newest - and most overdue - star on Hollywood Boulevard, in front of the Roosevelt Hotel.

Way to go, Uncle Annie!

abc7.com%3A Star of the 60%27s Patty Duke Show Gets her Star

Thursday, July 01, 2004


Almost nothing warms the heart as fully as a sweep of the Red Sox. Perhaps the only thing better is when it happens in October.

Jump to the New York Times here:

The New York Times > Sports > Baseball > Yankees 5, Red Sox 4, 13 Innings: Dust Settles in 13th, and Yanks Have a Sweep

Tuesday, June 22, 2004


If you're from the Northeast and anywhere less than 45 or so, you grew up with Bruce Springsteen. I'd do this just to have him give another concert.

I finally saw Springsteen in concert in Portland, Oregon in 2002. Broke my hand at the concert tripping UP a flight of concrete stairs, but had to stay to the end. Worth every pain-filled, self-anesthetizing (beer only) moment.

Check out this site: www.draftbruce.com or click the Bruuuuuce headline above and sign the petition!