Monday, April 17, 2006

Some highlights of this week's City Council Agenda

* - Proclamations on Arbor Week and Fair Housing Month
* - Housekeeping issues on the consent calendar
* - Resolution of support for St. Vincent dePaul's Homeless Grant Application
* - Discussion and vote on a new policy for water service outside city limits
* - Discussion and vote on a new bulk water use program
* - Public Hearing on Annexation and Zoning for Hawk's Nest Property adjacent to the Landings at Waterford between Atlas and Heutter Roads

The council will recess until 12 noon on Wednesday in the Council Chambers for a workshop/planning lunch on downtown development.

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Monday, April 10, 2006

City of Coeur d'Alene Strategic Planning Session

This Thursday, April 13, the first component of the annual budgeting process begins with a workshop to be held at the Lake City Senior Center. The real meat of the meeting begins around 5:45 pm and will likely last until 8:30 or later.

City staff has prepared documentation that begins the process of setting priorities for projects, and it's being reviewed publicly by council members and questions will be put to staff on the various items.

Council and staff will be looking at the many different initiatives that are underway, ongoing, or potentially worth doing, and giving input into where the focus should be.

This is a public meeting - or rather a continuation of the last Council meeting - so the public is invited to attend. I encourage attendance because as a member of the Council I for one need the public input.