Sunday, April 22, 2007

Jack's Baptism

Today John Patrick Kennedy gets baptized into the Catholic faith. It's a great day that he'll never remember, but his terrific godparents, Natalie and Madeleine Sheils will be great mentors and leaders for him throughout his life.

Welcome, Jack!


mamaJD said...

Jack sure is a good looking baby. Very handsome.

You should check out my blog as I posted you, Mike Kennedy, as one of my friends that I would like to know 7 random or little known facts about.

Anonymous said...

Funny...I never come to HBo anymore and for no special reason, I did today. I have been thinking of all of you all day and having just read your update, I found another coincidence. My daughter suffered the same problem as Jack. Short version, pretty much the same reason. I was nursing, that didn't help. It was allergies and she spent the first 18 months of her life on a diet of goat milk, rice cereal and applesauce. Eventually, she grew out of this misery and ate normally. Today she is a beautiful and successful young woman. But I shall never forget the anxiety. So very pleased that Jack is I'm sure he is as well. Now...sleep well!