Monday, November 27, 2006

A Wyoming Newspaper Editorializes on Affordable Housing

Protect Wyoming's Investment in Affordable Housing

As Coeur d'Alene embarks on the project of working to build real, affordable, workforce housing, we're looking to find other places that are dealing with it in creative and effective ways. There are many opinions on affordable housing, and more than one way of accomplishing it. The city's housing assessment will be finalized and published in a few days.

This editorial caught my eye because it suggested state involvement in another state with a similar political climate as Idaho's.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Dumb Driver Update

This one came through in an email from a city colleague, and I thought it was classic idiot driver behavior. I don't know if the driver was drinking or not, but to do something that stupid and then leave your bumper there, one would think you'd have to be.

Not sure what the coincidence is about the same hydrant being hit same time last year - but perhaps we should hire additional security around there next November?

FIRE HYDRANT 102-A DAMAGED BY CAR ON 11/17/06. We had a car hit the fire hydrant at the corner of 23rd and Pennsylvania hard enough that the 200 plus pound top was thrown approximately 60 feet into a neighboring yard. The car then left the scene and apparently caused damage further down the street. However, they managed to leave the cars front bumper complete with the license plate at the site of the sheared fire hydrant as well as various other car parts along the path of destruction. This same fire hydrant was hit at approximately the same time last year.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Leaf-Fest 2006!

I couldn't get over the number of leaves in this update. Pretty cool.

From Tim Martin, Cd'A Street Superintendent: IF LEAVES WERE GOLD OR ARE THEY? Day 4 of Leaf-Fest 2006 is currently underway and the ballet is going very well. As of this morning we currently are finished with all streets South of Harrison from the Ft. Grounds to the west and the Eastern borders of the city limits including Cherry Hill. We currently are working our way west from 15th to Gov’t Way ~ Harrison to Best/Appleway. This year’s leaf totals are up slightly from last year and currently we have hauled close to a thousand tons of leaves off our streets. These leaves are being taken to the transfer station on Ramsey Road where they are being mulched with wood to make fuel for energy sources throughout the region.