Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Father Joe - The Man Who Saved My Soul

This book ("Father Joe - The Man Who Saved My Soul") and its author, was profiled on National Public Radio in June. I was taken by the author, Tony Hendra, who is a completely irreverent former editor of Spy Magazine and National Lampoon, classmate of several of the Monty Pythons (Cleese and Chapman), and screenwriter of lots of classic comic sketches.

As proof of the six degrees, I bought the book recently and the acknowledgements thanked a priest in Boise, Idaho who shared a name with a long-time priest friend of my wife's family that I've gotten to meet a few times.

I tracked down the author Tony Hendra by email and he responded rapidly that in fact the two Father Tom Fauchers were one and the same. Turns out Fr. Tom was equally impacted by Father Joe as was Tony Hendra, and they struck up a friendship.

Anyway, enough blather - go out and get this book. It's good for the soul.


Thursday, July 01, 2004


Almost nothing warms the heart as fully as a sweep of the Red Sox. Perhaps the only thing better is when it happens in October.

Jump to the New York Times here:

The New York Times > Sports > Baseball > Yankees 5, Red Sox 4, 13 Innings: Dust Settles in 13th, and Yanks Have a Sweep