Saturday, February 03, 2007

Thank you guys.

Tonight my family sat, laid, and lounged in the living room and watched a movie together. The kids brought their sleeping bags and we popped popcorn. It was Norman Rockwell, sappy, even, but totally normal and comfortable.

But it was also a tremendous reminder to me that in the midst of whatever else is going on, despite whatever stress or strain or anxiety is afoot, there are 7 people in the world that don't want anything other than love, attention, and a hug.

I'm not a world-class parent. I get frustrated at the kids way too often, and I am pretty limited in my patience levels. But these little people, and their amazing Mom, forgive and forget, always moving on to the next moment, constantly optimistic and loving.

I can't repay them for their love, and I can't promise superior parenting. But I can say thank you guys, because you give me more than I can ever give back.

So thank you. I love you.

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KaleJ said...

I just left a comment for you on HBO. I have season 2 of "24" if you want it. I bought it off ebay. Was going to sell it back on there, but haven't done it yet.