Thursday, November 16, 2006

Leaf-Fest 2006!

I couldn't get over the number of leaves in this update. Pretty cool.

From Tim Martin, Cd'A Street Superintendent: IF LEAVES WERE GOLD OR ARE THEY? Day 4 of Leaf-Fest 2006 is currently underway and the ballet is going very well. As of this morning we currently are finished with all streets South of Harrison from the Ft. Grounds to the west and the Eastern borders of the city limits including Cherry Hill. We currently are working our way west from 15th to Gov’t Way ~ Harrison to Best/Appleway. This year’s leaf totals are up slightly from last year and currently we have hauled close to a thousand tons of leaves off our streets. These leaves are being taken to the transfer station on Ramsey Road where they are being mulched with wood to make fuel for energy sources throughout the region.

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Idaho Dad said...

No leaves in our yard! Maybe next year...