Sunday, July 09, 2006

Popkey: Rev. Camacho ministers with love and soccer

This piece on Fr. Jesus Camacho is a wonderful testament to a wonderful man. Dan Popkey really captures the essence of this powerfully effective priest in his column.

Copyright Idaho Statesman, Written by Dan Popkey, Photo by Katherine Jones

"Amidst the shrill debate on illegal immigration, the Rev. Jesus Camacho's voice is calm and conciliatory.

Twenty-five years ago this week, Camacho immigrated to Idaho from Mexico. Though obscure to most non-Catholic Anglos, he may be the most influential figure in Hispanic Idaho. His three-hour Saturday radio program, "Chatting with Father Jesœs," airs throughout southern Idaho.

"You don't know how powerful that is," said Sam Byrd, a more recognized Hispanic leader among Anglos. "There are very few ethnic leaders, but if there is a voice, he's that voice." To read the rest click here.

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