Monday, April 17, 2006

Some highlights of this week's City Council Agenda

* - Proclamations on Arbor Week and Fair Housing Month
* - Housekeeping issues on the consent calendar
* - Resolution of support for St. Vincent dePaul's Homeless Grant Application
* - Discussion and vote on a new policy for water service outside city limits
* - Discussion and vote on a new bulk water use program
* - Public Hearing on Annexation and Zoning for Hawk's Nest Property adjacent to the Landings at Waterford between Atlas and Heutter Roads

The council will recess until 12 noon on Wednesday in the Council Chambers for a workshop/planning lunch on downtown development.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you will consider not allowing anymore annexation. I also hope you will argue against providing water to areas outside the city. This seems to just promote rampant growth. The Best Hills issue would be a moot point if they can not annex.Thanks for putting the agenda on the Huckleberries blog. I also appreciate you listening to us little people. It sure does not seem like anyone else is. Once again Thanks Easymark

Mike Kennedy said...

Easymark - I appreciate the comments. It's a difficult thing to try to figure out how to enjoy the benefits of growth without any growing pains. My main concern is that new development not impose undue burdens on existing homeowners from a tax and quality of life perspective. It's a tough line to find, let alone to draw, I'm discovering.

Anonymous said...

Mike, I know you can't please everyone. My earnest hope is that you can at least provoke some of the council members to think before they vote. I live in CDA. As I said previously. I applied for a vacant Pand Z position and never recieved the courtesy of a reply from the mayor or the council. I have volunteered for Park and rec for 20 years. I quit partially due to the parents and mostly due to the apathy of Steve and Ruth. Thought I would get a little recongnition on my 20th aniversary. I was also one of the core group of volunteers that built Turnbull field behind Canfield. This was done with no fanfare. I was originally for Babe Ruth baseball (which is no more). The stipulation was that CDA high would have first use of it. I think it is still used for Freshman baseball. I tell you this so you will know that I don't just complain I have been willing to be a part of progress. I have 4 adult children and 11 grandchildren. I have lived in CDA for 30 years. Easymark Thanks again.

Mike Kennedy said...

easymark - I don't know much about Parks and Rec yet, though I'm scheduled to go out and a full tour and meet as many of the folks working there next week as possible. I'm definitely sorry you didn't feel appreciated when you left - that's an unfortunate situation.

Someone asked me the other day about the issues between ASA and USSSA softball relative to space on the fields, and I don't have an answer yet. I'm fascinated by how many people have put decades of volunteer time into the recreation department (Ron Edinger among them).

I think Turnbull is still freshman baseball (and others when they don't have a game). My son is 10 and had practice there just today.

Keep in touch, anonymous or not. You can always email me privately at: I've got a lot to learn but I am trying hard to stay in touch with people. I'm a little behind on some things that folks have asked about already but I'll get caught up!