Monday, June 30, 2008

Voting's Neglected Scandal

David Broder had a fine column in the Washington Post last week. It highlights a very intriguing report done by the Democratic Leadership Council on vote suppression through gerrymandering. Everyone knows gerrymandering is widespread, but I know of no other research that linked it to low voter turnout until now. If so, I missed it. But this DLC report is worth reading.

Here's a link to Broder's full column in the Washington Post.

"When Barack Obama decided last week to throw off the constraints on campaign spending that go with the acceptance of public financing, he was rightly criticized for rigging the system in his favor.

That was a predictable response. For the better part of four decades, the media and public interest groups have focused on campaign spending as the most serious distorting force in our elections.

Meanwhile, they have paid much less attention to what may well be a larger problem: the way that district lines are drawn to create safe seats for one party or the other, in effect denying voters any choice of representation."

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