Saturday, June 04, 2005

Making Drivers Pay by the Mile in Britain?

This is the very definition of a provocative idea from our friends across the pond in Britain. It has a Big Brother feel that is creepy on one hand, but on the other - in theory - it could deal with the issue of making only users pay and not taxing others who don't use the roads much. There would have to be removal of other gas and car taxes to make it even remotely interesting, but in a small country that's growing and doesn't want to end up as Los Angeles, it's intriguing.

I suppose there would need to be public safety carve-outs and the like. And it would NEVER fly in American states in the West due to the long miles we drive to get anywhere. But I found the idea provocative nonetheless.

News: "Despite his insistence that the scheme would lead to no overall increase in the level of taxation as road taxes and fuel duties are reduced or abolished, it is bound to prompt fresh claims that Labour is waging a 'war on motorists'."

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